Episode 2 Wanna Feel Like You Are There??

July 27, 2017

Check out this weeks show as we emerge you in the world of glitz glitter fame then

how it all started with energy power and lights!!!



                        Fab 5


Episode 1 - D23

July 20, 2017

In our first episode, Jana fills our heads with visions of the future of WDW, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Disney Cruise Line. And Disney cosplay was in full effect, hear who her favorite was from the weekend.

Thanks for listening and look for new episodes on every Wednesday!


Episode 110 - Finally……Frozen?!

June 16, 2017

We know its late, but we talk the new Frozen Dessert Party at EPCOT and parking at Disney Springs.

Thanks for your patience and listening.


Episode 109 - Whos that? Its Jana!!

May 30, 2017

This week we talk to the long lost, roving guru of all things Disney & Disney movies, our Jana! She just came back from a whirlwind trip of seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy before its release, visiting WDW, NASA Space Camp and then finally seeing Pirates before everyone else. Jealous? Us too!

Give a listen to how her trip went and what she thougt of the 2 movies.


Episode 108- Introducing Your New Imagineers For 2017!!!*****!!!!!

May 23, 2017

Hey Nav Nation...  *O*

We would lik to take this time to introduce you to the new graduating class of WDW Imagineers for 2017!!

While we may not like of their proposed ideas let's hear them out and them know what we think!!

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Episoe 107 What’s Your Favorite Ride In Each Park???

May 17, 2017

Hey Nav Nation  *O*

Are you a Pirate or maybe a Stormtrooper? Perhaps an Ice Queen? Lets not forget the long lost souls.....

Check out this weeks shows to hear us talk about our favorite rides at each WDW Park.....

Now this week leave us a comment here or on the fb page and let us know your favorite rides at the parks we want to hear what your favorites are!!



Episode 106 What Do You Get When You Put A Nav & A Mutineer Together?

May 11, 2017

Hey Nav Nation...Well with a title that long who knows what is going to happen in this episode!!

So what does happen when you put the 2 together? Guess you will have to listen to find out.....We promise you

won't be let down!!


Join The Nav’s Taking The Plunge

May 2, 2017

Hey Nav Nation.....Join us this week as your favorite Navs with a few ones you have not heard from in a while, and let's not forget our special guest the one the only Scott Parker ahahahhahahahahah!! Like and join our group and let us know have you taken the Plunge or are you considering it.


Episode 104 The Best Disney Dish I’ve Ever Had!!

April 19, 2017

Hey Nav Nation...This week we are tapping into those tastebuds!!! Join Villian Seneca, Shanadouxrevue, and Prooooducer Rob as we share with you our number 1 dish we have ever had in all of WDW *O* We want to hear from all of you what your number 1 dish is so be sure to leave it in our comments section so we can talk about during our next The Best Disney _____ I've ever had!!


Episode 103 - A Day in MK & Fastpasses

April 4, 2017

In this episode, Shana & Rob discuss the use of Fastpasses on a visit with kids, and without kids, on a Peak and Off-peak day. We each have differeing opinions on what is the best use of Fastpasses based on the season and who is in the party.

We hope you enjoy this episode. If you have suggestions or comments on your Fastpass plan, please comment on our Facebook group, Twitter or on Instagram,

Thanks - R